So what if Americans are fat and lazy - if your terrible country's food didn't taste like dong - you would eat a lot more, too. Sure this country isn't perfect - our cheese is awful - our cars are junk - the American Dream is something only foreigners believe in - and the movie "The American" scored a 38% on the Tomato-meter. The US of A is still the greatest country ever stolen. We took it from the Indians - forced the Chinese to build it - and then made the blacks maintain it. For the record, I am not very comfortable saying "the blacks". Real patriotism means understanding that America sucks - but every place else is about 1000 times worse. We may catch a lot of flack from other countries - but when you're kicking ass and taking names since 1776 haters are gonna hate. Remember if Canada were really that great - it would be a state.
Today is a sad day. Mark's Toaster has been blocked via the school filter and a major d-bag by the name of Josh Crowley has taken the next two Mark's Toaster sites. I will work on opening up Mark's Toaster again at school and everyone will be happy. I'll keep you updated. Keep on toasting!
Mark Gelfius

Now, I know you guys like certain games and want them to be put up. However, games have and need restrictions. Ahem.
RULE NUMBER 1: Games must be under 5 megabytes.
RULE NUMBER 2: Try not request anything too gory. I'm trying to keep Mark's Toaster family friendly.
RULE NUMBER 3: Have fun and don't have too many rules. MARK'S TOASTER!
    Hey! You got the message! That's nice. Now I know that people actually read my so-called "blog." Okay then, now onto business. I know you're probably all wondering, "Oh Mark, why would you EVER change Weekly Sarcasm to a brand new website? This makes my life SO much harder! Ugh! I HATE complaining!" Well, don't fret young child. I've got a brand new bag of toys, so to speak. I hope, and will try very hard to do so, to actually make my "sarcasm" weekly. That's pretty nice isn't it? Yes. Yes it is. That is all. Go play now. Off you go.